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Rochon Caviar

The ancient species of Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) produces some of the world's finest caviar. Over the centuries it has been prized by royalty and sought after by those who appreciate the most extraordinary taste. We are excited about sharing this unique caviar with people around the world who appreciate the most sublime example of this noble delicacy.

Overfishing has virtually destroyed wild stocks of this noble fish. Fortunately, recent advances in sturgeon aquaculture have made it possible to experience the exquisite delicacy of Siberian sturgeon caviar while protecting the ecological balance. For three decades, John Rochon has traveled the world as a business leader and as chairman of a Fortune 500 company. Through his personal experiences in the most celebrated restaurants and with the great chefs of the world, he came to know and appreciate fine caviar. He has developed a passion for this rare delicacy.

Several years ago, on an expedition in the Canadian Arctic, Mr. Rochon met an accomplished biologist dedicated to the protection of wild sturgeon, who has pioneered new, ecologically sustainable methods for farming Siberian sturgeon. So impressed was he that Mr. Rochon began thinking about introducing to the world's tables a new brand of premium caviar.

The sturgeon are raised in tanks of the cleanest mountain spring water, using a highly sophisticated filtration system to keep the water clear and pure. The result is a unique caviar, produced exclusively as Rochon Premium Special Reserve, with an extraordinary flavor that is exceptionally clean, silky smooth and buttery. Caviar connoisseurs agree that the taste rivals that of the finest wild caviar found anywhere in the world.

Rochon Caviar is not only exquisite in quality but our sturgeon are raised with only the most environmentally responsible methods. Contact us for more information or to learn how to order this rare delicacy.